SERNAGEOMIN digitalizes permit management processes for mining projects in Chile

Categories: Success stories

The National Geology and Mining Service (SERNAGEOMIN) of Chile has launched an ambitious digital transformation project on AuraQuantic that has enabled the automation of 16 processes related to mining procedures.



Implementing the platform has made it possible for the Mining Subdirectorate to make important advances by automating processes related to the evaluation of mining projects, property management, accident investigation, sanction management, and closure plans. As Heidi Cano, head of the Data Intelligence Office at the Mining Subdirectorate, explains, “We wanted to do away with the use of paper and be able to manage everything through automatic workflows”.


Furthermore, Gabriel Jeldres, head of the Mining Property Department, highlights the platform’s “ease of use and user-friendly design”. These features have had a direct impact on tasks related to “data analysis and reporting”, as well as enabling “connection with other services and systems”. Additionally, “it is now possible to send notifications to external users and the level of transparency in procedures and accessibility has improved” he adds.


The most tangible results achieved by the Chilean institution include the unification of information (100%), document integrity and the protection of sensitive information (100%), process traceability (100%), digital reporting (100%), and reduction in data analysis times (80%).


All these benefits are because, in the words of Bruno Alvarado, National Head of the Investigations and Sanctions Department, “Today everything is digitized”. In addition, “we have minute-by-minute reporting, so it’s much easier to manage processes than it used to be”.


Finally, SERNAGEOMIN plans to automate three additional processes imminently along with others that are currently in the modeling phase. Also, in the medium term, the design of a spatial map of the country is planned to enable the georeferencing of mining operations and their historical data collection based on the information managed on AuraQuantic.


The National Geology and Mining Service (SERNAGEOMIN) is a public and technical body responsible for advising the Chilean Government’s Ministry of Mining on matters related to mining and geology. Regarding mining, its competencies include technical processes for mining safety inspections, accident investigations, sanctioning procedures, etc. The geology area deals with issues including chemical analysis, geoheritage, and exploration projects.