Todosistemas STI reduces the Human Talent Management process to just 2 hours thanks to AuraQuantic

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Todosistemas STI has reduced its Human Talent Management process from days to just 2 hours, by implementing the process on the AuraQuantic platform. An outstanding success that consolidates the IT consultancy and advisory company as a reference of effectiveness and quality in personnel management, encouraging other companies to follow its example and optimize their business processes.


The digitization of the Human Talent Management process stemmed from the initial need to “reduce the high number of manual tasks that involved multiple departments”, explains Victor Jimenez, manager of Todosistemas STI. Specifically, this process applies to both the Digital Transformation business unit, dedicated to meeting business technology demands, and IT Outsourcing, which specializes in providing highly trained human resources, project management, the development of customized solutions, and the certification of new systems.


In addition, as noted by Roberto Jiménez, AuraQuantic Senior Consultant at Todosistemas STI, the platform was contracted to address specific challenges. These challenges included difficulties in tracking applications, such as job application losses, information leaks, bottlenecks, and the need for reprocessing.


AuraQuantic has empowered the automation of 7 critical processes in Human Talent Management, namely “Request for personnel”, “Personnel selection”, “Consultation in restricted money laundering lists”, “Completion of the FIRO” (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation), “Hiring”, “Renewal” and “Termination”.


The implementation of all the processes has generated significant benefits, one of them being the reduction of the time required to complete the entire Human Talent Management macro process to only 2 hours, compared to the manual version which could take several days.


The management team highlights other improvements including cost optimization, decreased human errors in employee settlement calculations, faster evaluation of psycho-technical tests, enhanced signature controls, streamlined audits, centralized procedures, and compliance with legal deadlines for settlement issuance.


In light of these results, Todosistemas STI has made a commitment to the ongoing improvement of its processes using AuraQuantic. They plan to extend automation to additional business processes, encompassing Commercial Contract Management, Quality Management, and the CMMI Appraisal System.


Todosistemas STI, based in Bogota (Colombia), is a leading IT consultancy and advisory firm with over two decades of experience in the national and Central American markets. It operates through two business units, Digital Transformation and IT Outsourcing, and has an independent entity, called RiskTech, specialized in products and services for fraud control and money laundering. The company has a broad client base in the public and retail sectors, including institutions such as Banco Popular, Banco de Desarrollo Empresarial de Colombia (Bancoldex), and the Administrative Unit of Military and Police Criminal Justice of Colombia.