AIN automates its lines of business using AuraQuantic

Categories: Success stories

AIN is a private non-profit association in Navarra, Spain that specializes in engineering services, technology, and consultancy. It promotes collaboration and strives to improve the competitive position of industries, becoming a benchmark in matters of development and improvement of competitiveness in the industrial sector of Navarra. Throughout its 60 years of experience, AIN has advocated commitment to its clients, guiding them towards innovation and excellence through measures aimed at promoting R&D, as well as providing personalized consultations and training services.


Due to an increase in training activities for AIN’s members, the management team identified the need to automate its training processes. According to data from 2021, its 549 training actions amounted to 15,855 hours and were managed by 5,954 people. This management was carried out using office software, which was not sustainable in the long term due to the excessive management times and the possibility for human error, and communication barriers between the staff involved and a large number of files.


AIN needed to find an IT tool that would help it to optimize all the phases of the training process, from registrations, documentation, and invoicing to technical management, and student services. AIN evaluated different options available on the market and struggled to find a solution that fulfilled all its needs.


However, after learning of positive experiences from other companies, they turned to AuraQuantic via one of its partners, Eutik. After seeing demonstrations of all the benefits that AuraQuantic had to offer, AIN chose the no-code platform to undertake its digital transformation process.


The main benefits from its implementation of AuraQuantic include time savings and the possible extension of future training courses thanks to the new and optimized training management system. Moreover, given the flexibility of AuraQuantic and its capacity to adapt to the changing market needs, the company decided to extend the use of the tool to other strategic lines of business, including its purchasing process, and project management. The project was divided into two phases: the first phase focused on integrating AuraQuantic with the ERP; while the second phase involved project creation, planning, and invoicing.


AuraQuantic’s partner, Eutik, played a pivotal role in the implementation process and the company’s experienced consultants are constantly designing new processes.


The positive results obtained by AIN have instilled trust in AuraQuantic as the tool to continue orchestrating its operational management and continuous improvement of the training process. Likewise, the association plans to use the BPM technology incorporated in the platform to automate new processes and orchestrate the business applications, and human teams that form part of the organization.