AuraQuantic and Krumsa organize a webinar on digital integration for companies

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The webinar entitled 5 steps to digital integration for companies was held on August 18. A training event, organized by the IT consulting firm Krumsa and the digital transformation platform AuraQuantic, aimed at helping companies interested in integrating all business management activities into a single digital platform.


The webinar was attended by dozens of companies from various economic sectors and countries and was led by Jaime Patricio Krumel, CEO of Krumsa, and Juan Bellver, Partner Experience Coordinator & Senior Business Process Management Consultant at AuraQuantic.


After carrying out a deep analysis of the current world economy marked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its subsequent effects on the commodity markets, supply chains, inflation and financial conditions; Krumel analyzed the steps to achieve digital integration. A process that requires the implementation of technologies that generate and facilitate change, such as business process platforms, also called digital transformation platforms.


Flexibility was the first of the five steps analyzed to achieve digital integration. In this sense, process automation is revealed as an essential tool, not only to digitize and automate manual tasks but also to rapidly adapt to market fluctuations and other types of unforeseen events, without having a negative impact on the daily operations of the organization. Process optimization, provided by BPM technology, represents the second step on the road to digital integration. Likewise, cost, time, and resource savings, as well as the implemented technology’s return on investment, were other issues analyzed, and account for the third and fourth steps in the integration process. Finally, Krumel underlined the need to adopt a “customer-centric” work approach as the fifth and final step. This consists of placing the customer as a point of reference for the entire business strategy, to provide positive experiences through the use of technology, which can increase profits and improve competitiveness.


Subsequently, the speakers explored some success stories of companies that have chosen the AuraQuantic digital transformation platform to undertake their digital integration processes, such as the EPM Group, IBR Latam, the INCMNSZ Department of Infectious Diseases and SURA insurance. The webinar also included a practical section, in which all participants were shown how to automate a business process. Finally, Gabriel Cabezas, Senior Consultant at Krumsa presented a real case of automation.


The webinar on digital integration for companies drew to a close with Juan Bellver, who explained that, although the economic outlook points to slower world economic growth, this should not cause a delay in the time to increase budgets for innovation and digitization. In the words of Juan Bellver, “it is not a complex matter, however, it does require the organization and structuring of business processes to achieve results”.