JDA/SFAI modernizes administrative management drawing inspiration from the Ministry of Justice’s initiatives

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jda-sfai-modernizes-administrative-management-drawing-inspiration- Ministry-Justice-initiatives

JDA/SFAI, a comprehensive firm offering tax and labor advice and legal and consultancy services, has embraced modernization in the administrative management of legal processes using AuraQuantic process automation technology. This initiative aligns with the digital transformation achieved by the Ministry of Justice.



The distinguished professional services firm, recognized among Spain’s top 35 law firms in the 2023 Expansión ranking, faced the necessity to streamline a diverse array of administrative processes efficiently. This encompassed managing repetitive tasks involving multiple stakeholders and systems, meeting critical deadlines and automatically generating documents, which challenged its operational and strategic capacity.


To effectively address this challenge, the firm resolved to implement a process automation solution. In the words of Jordi Esteban, IT Area Manager at JDA/SFAI, “We chose AuraQuantic due to its user-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities with our Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Navision-based management software. Additionally, its flexibility in establishing connections with other solutions played a pivotal role in our decision-making process”.


The implementation of AuraQuantic, with the help of technology partner Onvia, marks a pivotal milestone for JDA/SFAI as it has effectively automated key processes, ensuring the quality of administrative tasks, meeting established deadlines and consolidating information internally.


Furthermore, as highlighted by Sylvia Mena, Process Technician at JDA/SFAI, the BPM suite facilitates internal quality surveys, captures customer growth data, and generates economic proposals. This data includes key performance indicators that are vital for effective information management throughout the company.


Presently, with support from AuraQuantic, the advisory and consultancy firm can implement highly complex task management processes. This entails using diverse solutions and engaging multiple stakeholders, along with the possibility of automatically sending notifications and generating documentation. Furthermore, adjustments and modifications can be swiftly and effortlessly implemented, ensuring compliance with legal, tax, and labor regulations mandated by competent authorities. Additionally, these processes are developed in alignment with the ISO 9001 standard for data collection and report consolidation.


On another note, and according to Esteban, “We have embarked on a very positive internal journey, prompting several departments to contemplate process automation with AuraQuantic”. Moreover, in the near future, the law firm intends to integrate legal services management processes encompassing time management, documentation requirements, and communication with the involved parties”.


JDA/SFAI is a professional firm of lawyers, tax and labor advisors, and business consultants with over 40 years of business experience. The company employs more than 150 specialized professionals distributed in five offices located in Granollers, Barcelona, Sabadell and Madrid.