Chaide successfully automates purchasing, technical service and distribution process flows

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Chaide Chaide S.A., the leading company in the Ecuadorean mattress industry, is using the AuraQuantic iBPMS platform to drive automation of all business processes related to the Purchasing, Distribution and Technical Service departments.


In mid-2021, the company’s management team detected an increase in the volume of duplicated tasks and human errors, as well as the issues caused by departmental silos. This situation motivated the decision to look for a BPM (Business Process Management) solution, to connect the activities carried out by the various departments and automate all kinds of business tasks. According to the Logistics manager, who is leading the project, the general objective “was to design a workflow using BPM, to automate the management of all the requirements or requests from all company areas, focusing primarily on operations”. One of the long-term objectives set by the company’s management team was to “create an interconnected system in which people, systems and applications work in an orchestrated way, by integrating applications such as SAP and the use of functionalities based on Artificial Intelligence”.


After analyzing the BPM solution market, Chaide’s management team opted for the software platform owned by AURA. This decision was motivated by two main reasons. Firstly, the platform appeared in one of the reports published by the renowned analyst firm, Gartner. Specifically, it was featured in the report on the BPM solutions market. Secondly, it was selected for its outstanding technical features, such as its visual and intuitive interface, which guarantees an optimal user experience (UX).


The implementation of AuraQuantic has served to boost the digitalization of the Purchasing, Technical Service and Distribution departments, in which a total of 193 employees carry out their activity. The achievement has been possible thanks to the technical support received from AuraQuantic’s partner, LeadSolutions.


Specifically, the process-level improvements experienced can be classified as follows:


  • Ease in the management of process tracking: Now, the Purchasing, Distribution and Technical Service departments have a clear vision of all activities and the status of customer requests and follow-ups thanks to task monitoring and real-time data verification.


  • Increased customer satisfaction: The increased visibility of data in the purchasing process has reduced the time it takes to deal with requests. Additionally, in the technical service area, the “service ticket status” visibility has improved the quality of the answers provided to customers.


At present, the company’s management team confirms, “there are several projects pending evaluation, such as the digitalization of contracts and the integration of the ERP system with the platform”. However, in the short term, the company’s priority is to continue using AuraQuantic to automate and improve its business processes, related to the Purchasing, Technical Service and Distribution departments.


Chaide Chaide S.A. is a company specializing in the manufacture and commercialization of home furniture and rest products. Currently, the company employs over 500 workers, has 23 stores and an extensive distribution network that has led it to become the largest company in its sector in Ecuador. Chaide also has a Centre for product Research and Quality Analysis and has received national and international awards, including the Ekos de Oro (2005), Bizz Award (2007) and Great Place to Work (2012).