Fiducia achieves greater operational security and exceeds 20,000 monthly transactions with AuraQuantic

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fiducia-achieves-greater-operational-security- auraquantic

Fiducia has strengthened the security of its operations in investment and trust fund management, spanning both public and private sectors, and has increased the volume of transactions to over 20,000 per month using AuraQuantic.



The platform implementation has enabled the automation of 35 different business processes, 19 of which are entirely dedicated to the commercialization of investment fund management.


The progressive digitalization of all these processes began in 2019, to tackle various business challenges including the lack of standardization and traceability of operations, excessive paperwork and manual tasks, dependence on traditional methods that hindered the execution of operations, and complex processes to monitor and approve tasks involving the exchange of a significant volume of emails.


After the platform implementation and the automation of different processes, the results have exceeded the management team’s initial expectations. So much so that, in the words of Pedro Ortiz, General Manager of Fiducia, “We are convinced that it would not have been possible to achieve this volume of monthly transactions and this level of reliability without AuraQuantic”. Likewise, Juan Felipe Laso, Fiducia’s Digital Channel Supervisor, highlights “the success of Fiducia’s MI FONDO application”, which is built on AuraQuantic to manage transactions, and which “has allowed us to scale up and massify the investment funds business in Ecuador, quadrupling the number of clients”.


On the other hand, the platform has considerably improved the strategic decision-making process. According to María Cristina Ricaurte, Fiduciary Manager, “AuraQuantic has helped us to collect valuable data and generate interactive reports, empowering accurate monitoring of operations”. Furthermore, “we firmly believe that process automation ensures the continuous improvement of our fiduciary business,” she adds.


In light of the impressive results, Fiducia’s medium and long-term goal, as stated by Andrea Romero, Process Leader, is to “continue to automate operations year after year, focusing on those with the greatest impact on each segment of the organization”.


Fiducia has become the leading trust and investment fund company in Ecuador, with over 2.5 billion in third-party assets and more than 100,000 satisfied customers. Providing services from its offices in Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca, the firm caters to a broad and varied client base. Looking ahead to 2024, Fiducia is preparing to commemorate its thirtieth anniversary, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to continue innovating products and services to provide the best possible service to its clients.