INTECO endeavors to digitalize its services with AuraQuantic 

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The Technical Standards Institute of Costa Rica (INTECO) is an organization with 35 years of experience providing standardization, training and evaluation services. Its extensive catalog of over 3,500 technical standards fulfills the requirements and specifications of a multitude of companies. 


INTECO is part of the largest certification network in the world, IQNET, which allows it to manage internationally recognized certificates.  


In line with its goal to provide the best customer service, INTECO has expanded its offerings over recent years. It has also invested in technology to streamline its business processes and thus meet the expectations of all stakeholders. An example of this is the development of its own audit management system used to systematize and centralize information. This prompted the search for a SaaS (software as a service) solution that would suit its business needs, allowing it to systematize and automate processes, without the need to use programming code.   


AuraQuantic’s strong positioning in one of the annual technology analysis reports published by Gartner, one of the largest global IT consultancy and research firms, made it the most viable option due to its innumerable functions such as. Likewise, the wide number of technology functionalities that it offers together with the support received by AuraQuantic’s partner in Costa Rica, Global Professional Group (GPG), were determining factors in the selection of the software. 


INTECO divided the implementation process into three phases: programming, planning, and formalization of the service. Currently, they are in the first phase, which consists in transferring all the business information to AuraQuantic, with support from GPG. 


In future projects, INTECO will implement an audit scheduling service. This software will allow easier management of each client’s file, as well as the agile selection of the assessment teams according to their level of professional competencies. The main objective is to streamline the audit scheduling process and better manage the back-office capacity to provide the service.  According to María Rodríguez, Risk and Management Coordinator at INTECO, “the idea is to systematize and automate our operative processes on the AuraQuantic Business Process Management platform “. Specifically, with this transformation, the company aspires to obtain greater control over its processes, as well as to increase its level of efficiency and effectiveness, to improve its positioning in the market.