Discover how 10 million users globally are benefiting from 100% no-code process automation

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mannai-dc-webinar-discover -how-10-million-users-globally-are-benefiting-from-100%-no-code-process-automation
Join us for an exclusive webinar brought to you by Mannai Datacenter and AuraQuantic for businesses in Qatar 


On August 1st, the Qatar based organization Mannai Datacenter, in collaboration with AuraQuantic, will hold the webinar “Discover how 10 million users are benefiting from 100% no-code process automation”. The session is aimed at businesses from all sectors and industries, in which the advantages and benefits of no-code task and process automation will be analyzed in depth.



The webinar will start at 11:30 a.m. in Qatar (GMT+3), with a brief introduction by Razwan Ulhaq, head of Datacenters at Mannai DC. Then, Ilian Radoytsov, Sales Director at AuraQuantic, will explain what no-code process automation consists of and the reasons why it has over 10 million users worldwide. After this presentation, the main reasons why no-code process automation is in such high demand will be detailed and, finally, there will be a section for questions and answers.


It is worth noting that no-code process automation is an accessible technology that is easy to implement in organizations, allowing both IT and non-IT teams to automate all kinds of tasks in a specific workflow, without the need for programming skills. This fosters collaboration and also improves operational efficiency by automating repetitive and manual tasks, saving time and reducing errors.


Anyone interested in participating in the webinar “Discover how 10 million users are benefiting from 100% no-code process automation”, can confirm their attendance by completing the registration form below.


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