Masymas supermarkets: A leading example of business innovation in food retailing

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masymas-supermarkets-a- leading-example-of-business-innovation-in-food-retailing

Spanish retailer masymas, part of Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A,  is jumping on the business innovation bandwagon to improve its processes, reinforce sales channels and increase customer satisfaction using the AuraQuantic platform.


The supermarket chain and consumer product distributor seeks to drive digital transformation to achieve complete automation of its operations.


Grupo PFS, AuraQuantic partner and technology service provider for masymas Supermarkets (Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A.) since 2017, was chosen to lead the project. In addition, as Sonia Rodríguez, Director of Internal Management and Occupational Health at masymas Supermarkets explains, “the good references provided by our counterpart in the east of Spain, masymas Supermarkets (Juan Fornés Fornés, S.A.), which has been using AuraQuantic for years, together with recommendations from Grupo Euromadi, helped to confirm our decision”.


After holding a consultancy meeting with Grupo PFS, the company’s management agreed to a progressive and coordinated implementation of the AuraQuantic platform. To this end, an interdisciplinary group was created to represent everyone involved in the business processes that could be automated, which was led by the Internal Management and Occupational Health department of masymas Supermarkets (Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A.).


Likewise, all the necessary mechanisms were put in place to activate the first of the five phases of the BPM life cycle, namely design, modeling, execution, monitoring, and optimization. In the first phase, all the processes that could be automated were analyzed to detect possible deficiencies. Subsequently, all the information gathered was shared with the AuraQuantic partner, so that their team of consultants could develop an initial version of the first process to be automated, that of “Product registration”. After its modeling, the process was shared with the team from masymas Supermarkets, who suggested possible areas of improvement that, were applied to the designed process. Once this first phase was completed, the process was authorized for implementation in a testing environment with practical improvements, while employees were trained, and user manuals were drawn up. Any incident detected in the testing environment was reported to the AuraQuantic partner for its subsequent correction and, finally, the process was put into operation.


To date, masymas Supermarkets (Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A.) has automated three business processes, on the AuraQuantic platform:


  • Product registration: This process automation aims to expedite tasks and eliminate human errors during the registration of new products. This activity is the one that consumes most resources at a transversal level throughout the organization.


  • Creation of a supplier management portal: The main objective of this process automation is to digitize all the tasks related to contracting suppliers, eliminating the use of paper and telephone calls to follow up on each provider.


  • Franchisees: masymas Supermarkets (Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A.) plans to launch this process in 2023, to streamline all the procedures related to franchisee management.



With its sights set on the future, masymas Supermarkets (Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A.) plans to continue investing in the automation of more business processes and their continuous improvement. In the words of Sonia Rodríguez, the company is currently imbued in “a cycle of continuous improvement, thanks to the AuraQuantic platform”, a tool with which the retail chain hopes to boost its digitization process and become a leading example for the rest of the food retail sector.