Q-Safety by Quirónprevención automates over 400 health and safety processes for construction sites

Categories: Success stories

Q-Safety by Quirónprevención has automated over 400 health and safety processes for the construction sector on the AuraQuantic platform. This development has enabled the company to digitalize all the activity carried out by its on-site technicians, making it a leading example for other companies in this sector, both nationally and internationally.



The search for a solution that would adapt to the company’s needs and demands was a difficult task. As Isabel Coello, head of the ERP Subsidiaries Area, explains, “We knew what we wanted, and thanks to our extensive experience in the sector, we knew what our processes were like, but the applications did not give us what we were looking for”.


However, a product demonstration of AuraQuantic changed everything. So much so that the platform has enabled Q-Safety to provide an IT solution for all on-site technical personnel – Health and Safety Coordinators- that makes it easier for them to perform their tasks. Likewise, process standardization has created a unified framework that ensures compliance with the company’s quality and efficiency parameters.


Regarding the process implementation, it should be noted that it has been carried out “gradually, until all the activity was standardized, organized and registered”, says Yolanda Gutiérrez, head of Organization and Processes at Q-Safety by Quirónprevención. In total, the 400 business processes managed on AuraQuantic can be grouped into “offer and budget management”, “service delivery and control” and “invoicing”. In addition, 10 access portals have been implemented for personnel, two for suppliers and, additionally, integrations have been made with other applications including SAP, Salesforce, and OHS.


Furthermore, AuraQuantic has brought significant benefits including time reductions for contracting services, invoicing, and activity management and supervision. In addition, a unified action framework has been established for employees, and the graphs and reports displayed on the interface provide “a comprehensive view of all the services at a national level”, says Ana Carrasco, Health and Safety Coordination Director. This has been critical for improving the level of service, as well as increasing worker productivity and efficiency.


Q-Safety by Quirónprevención is a Spanish company that specializes in health and safety services for the construction sector. It was created by the union of the largest companies specializing in Occupational Risk Prevention and Business Activity Coordination. With over 25 years of experience, the company serves over 3,000 clients through its vast network of offices based in Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia, Andalusia, the Basque Country, and Portugal.