“We have evolved from calls, paper and emails, to a complete digital business platform.”

Company: EPM Group | Public services industry | 8,000 employees



Time reduction
for travel management


Improvement in
SLA compliance


Service cost


EPM Group Shared Services Center had to design the service integration plan to achieve synergies, economies of scale, savings, and standardization.

Their main goals were: self-management, SLA (Service Level Agreements) compliance, case management, resource optimization, time reduction and improvement in supplier management.

  • Lack of unified processes.
  • Work duplication.
  • Multiple technological platforms.

  • An abundance of manual activities.
  • Inefficient incorporation of new acquisitions.


EPM Group’s digital transformation has created a culture of continuous improvement for their services and allows for an accurate measurement of employee performance.

Standardization and centralization of all activities

Economic savings thanks to customized supplier portals

Automatic creation and delivery of digital documentation

The unification of technological tools, new support channels and process simplification have led to a more productive and pleasant work environment.

Carlos Ignacio Jaramillo Chica | BI IT Solutions Unit and Support Areas

Currently at EPM we are working on structuring a BPM center of excellence, to drive continuous improvement of business processes.

Carlos Ignacio Jaramillo Chica | BI IT Solutions Unit and Support Areas

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