Technical University of the North: A leading example of innovation in the education sector

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technical-university-of the-north-leading-example-innovation-education-sector

The Technical University of the North (UTN) automates over 10 business processes related to academic and administrative management. This progress in the university’s digitalization process was possible thanks to the AuraQuantic platform, which facilitated and improved the accessibility to the curricular processes related to onsite teaching and learning, and processes that manage the administrative tasks carried out by the university, to fulfill its educational objectives.





The growth of the Technical University of the North led the institution’s governing body to update the management system for academic and administrative procedures, adapting it to the new digital era. Their aim was to help the university to create a digital ecosystem for its students to access all types of procedures online, thereby optimizing communication and reducing paper usage. This led the management team to seek a solution that would help them to overcome their obstacles and automate various processes.


After analyzing the different options available in the market, the university contacted AURA’s partner, LeadSolutions, with the aim of implementing the AuraQuantic platform. The main reason for this choice was the compatibility of the tool with other applications, especially the connection with the SIIU (Integrated University Information System). Likewise, and according to Juan Carlos García, Deputy Director of the IT Development Department, ” AuraQuantic’s high level of maturity and market leadership”, as is extensively documented in multiple reports elaborated by leading analyst firms, were determining factors in the software selection process.


After having implemented the processes with AuraQuantic, the Technical University of the North has experienced important benefits, even eliminating the physical frontiers between the institution and the students. In such a way that all students can access the university management academic system, in a flexible way and from any geographical area, simply via an Internet connection. In addition, the multiple possibilities of software integration that AuraQuantic offers, “has been very useful for the university” according to Sayeli Elizabeth Tixilima Alvear, systems analyst for the Technology and Informatics Development Directorate. Specifically, “AuraQuantic has enabled the digital transformation of the institution by facilitating the issuance of online enrolment certificates, the generation of certificates, contracts for scholarships, meeting minutes, work certificates and work history, and the issuance of electronic certificates related to academic events”. These documents have an electronic signature field and a QR code, which help to ensure their security, validation and veracity.


All these benefits have meant a change in terms of digital transformation for the institution, which the management team has valued very positively. This is confirmed by María Fernanda Rivera, systems analyst for the Technology and Informatics Development Directorate when she refers to AuraQuantic as “an integral technology for modeling, managing and automating processes”. She adds, “its ease of use, scalability and flexibility allow us to make modifications that are automatically and immediately reflected in the processes”.


On the other hand, the Deputy Director for the Technology and Informatics Development Directorate has expressed his intention to “automate 100 % of the institution’s processes, on the AuraQuantic platform”. In addition, he comments, “We foresee that the process related to the issuance of professional degrees in electronic format will be available soon, which will make us the first university in the country to offer this type of service to its students”.


The Technical University of the North is a higher education institution founded in 1986, located in the city of Ibarra, in the north of Ecuador. It is currently recognized as a leader in the field of higher education with approximately 16,000 students enrolled in 46 undergraduate and 26 postgraduate courses, offering in-person, blended and online classes.