Bantrab digitizes its procurement process

Categories: Success stories

The Bantrab Financial Group’s success story is a leading example of modernization for all banks interested in migrating to a digital business model. Especially in Latin America, where the transformation of the banking sector requires the implementation of structural reforms for digitalization. This transformation process is also characterized by the need to implement technological solutions that act as catalysts to develop new experiences and create greater value among stakeholders, as well as to improve existing services and products.



The healthcare crisis, triggered by COVID-19, was an opportunity for Bantrab’s management team to accelerate digital transformation in the procurement area. The Financial Group’s objective was to abandon a working system that Juan Pablo Estrada, Bantrab’s Purchasing and Inventory Supervisor, describes as “totally manual”. “It implied physically transferring the purchase requirements from the different Business Centers for their subsequent management” he adds. Felipe Duarte, Director of the Finance and Administration Division, explains that the decision was made to look for a BPM (Business Process Management) system that would facilitate the traceability of all operations.


After evaluating the shortcomings and opportunities for improvement, the organization’s managers decided to analyze the BPM suites on the market. Their aim was to find a “user-friendly and intelligent business process automation platform that would enable them to drive the migration from analog to digital processes”, underlines Weslly Urbina, Bantrab’s Services Contracting Supervisor.


Finally, the Financial Group’s management team decided to opt for AuraQuantic, perceiving it as the best option due to its multiple functionalities in terms of process automation, application design, document process digitalization, and management of regulatory compliance. A decision in which Grupo Plus, a partner of AuraQuantic, played an important role.


Months after the implementation and with experience working on the platform, many Bantrab representatives have positively assessed the benefits obtained from its use. One of whom is Procurement Manager, Roberto Castillo, who underlines how AuraQuantic has guaranteed “process traceability and the automatic reception of requests in real time, making it possible to pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks”.


Herbert Hernández, General Manager, also highlights how the platform “has made the daily work carried out by different teams much easier”, compared to other software solutions on the market. There are systems that: “have a good reputation, but when they are implemented, the staff suffers and struggles with their daily use”.


All these results have led Roberto Castillo to recommend AuraQuantic “for its versatility and robustness”. He assures that Bantrab has managed to “digitalize 100% of the purchasing process and increase request management by 60% with the same team and work structure”.


Similarly, the platform has enabled the creation of reports with measurement indicators for each business unit, the use of certified electronic signatures on all corporate documents, the automatic reception of notifications, and the sending and receiving of real-time alerts. All of these advancements are aimed at achieving a comprehensive and consolidated vision of the organization, which allows it to optimize its operations, gain efficiency and reduce costs, to ultimately improve its competitiveness in the market.


Bantrab is one of Guatemala’s leading financial institutions. Although it started its business activity in 1966, it was not until 2010 that it was constituted as a financial group comprised of Banco de los Trabajadores, Aseguradora de los Trabajadores S.A., Financiera de los Trabajadores S.A. and Casa de Bolsa de los Trabajadores S.A. Currently, the Bantrab Financial Group has over 175 Business Centres, and multiple administrative offices, which together employ over 4,5000 people throughout the country.