Licores de Guatemala remodels its purchasing cycle on AuraQuantic

Categories: Success stories

Licores de Guatemala has remodeled its purchasing cycle on the AuraQuantic platform, adapting it to meet the new demands of its internal customers, simplifying administrative tasks, and reducing repetitive procedures. The project has provided integral control over the different phases of the process, which span from purchase requests to complete order traceability.


To this end, the spirits company decided to opt for a platform that incorporates business process automation technology, with the aim of streamlining workflows and obtaining greater visibility and control over the different tasks related to the purchasing cycle within its ERP SAP ECC 6.05.


Although the initial digital transformation project only involved a series of measures aimed at optimizing the process in question, the rapid implementation of the platform and the results obtained led the management team at Licores de Guatemala to expand the project across the entire process, which consisted of 8 phases:


  • Management of order requests (direct query to SAP).


  • Purchase Management (from quotation to order generation).


  • Purchase process monitoring.


  • Notification to users pending approval.


  • Information on registered orders.


  • Management of down payments.


  • Transfer to SAP of approved down payments.


The digitalization of the purchasing cycle has resulted in important benefits for different areas of the Guatemalan company. Workflow automation has increased productivity levels and business efficiency, minimizing time-consuming manual work that involved a large volume of paperwork and data tabulation. In turn, process standardization has served to mitigate potential risks associated with purchasing operations through strict compliance with legal regulations and internal policies. Likewise, visibility has improved, specifically for operations related to product acquisition and order processing, providing greater control over procurement times and contract compliance. The success of the project has strengthened the relationship between Licores de Guatemala and AuraQuantic, making the company even more committed to achieving integral business digitalization.


Licores de Guatemala is considered the largest producer and distributor of aged rums and other high-quality spirits, in national and international markets. With over 80 years of experience, the company offers a wide and varied catalog of brands, including its own such as Botran, Zacapa Centenario, Venado, Xibal Gin, and Quezalteca; and imported brands such as Viña Tarapacá, Sarmientos and Mancura Guardián.