Personal Paraguay puts an end to administrative overload with AuraQuantic

Categories: Success stories

Personal Paraguay has put an end to the overload of administrative procedures, using the AuraQuantic platform. Thus, the telecommunications service provider has reduced manual and repetitive tasks to a minimum, benefitting from a repository where all corporate information is stored and incorporating functionalities that facilitate project monitoring, and employee and time management, for greater business productivity.


Initially, all information management in Personal Paraguay was carried out manually using office automation programs or printed documents. Subsequently, to reduce paper usage, the company opted for an in-house development to facilitate document collection and accessibility, along with another tool to manage their authorization process.


However, the need to reduce the number of tools used and incorporate new technology functionalities and increase productivity, reduce time and have greater control over activities, led the company’s managers to explore the software market in search of a solution that would meet their requirements. During the search and analysis phase, the IT team discovered AuraQuantic, through a demonstration carried out by one of its partners, Krumsa. As Lorena Sánchez, Processes Manager of Personal Paraguay, explains “When we saw the functionalities offered by AuraQuantic, we could see that it was robust, versatile and flexible software”, characteristics that were important in our choice of solution, together with the possibility of integrating with SAP, the ERP used in our company.


The software implementation process was carried out by Personal Paraguay’s IT department and Krumsa. Initially, the project focused on document management. However, after discovering all the functionalities offered by AuraQuantic, the Paraguayan company’s management team decided to automate a second process focused on service quality control, which involved customer journey monitoring and follow-up. Both processes are currently in advanced development stages and will be available soon.


Sánchez confirmed that due to the success of the platform within the organization, Personal Paraguay has expanded the number of services contracted with AuraQuantic, to improve the management and quality of its services. She commented, “We are confident that we are going to establish a good working relationship with AURA”.


Personal Paraguay is a multiservice provider of mobile telephony, fiber optics, IPTV, satellite television and mobile financial services, through the companies Núcleo S.A., Personal Envíos S.A. and TUVES S.A. The company was founded in 1997 to offer mobile telephony services and in 1998 it became the first digital network in Paraguay. In 2004 it became the first GSM network in the country and, subsequently, the first national network with 4G/LTE technology. In addition, and for some years now, Personal Paraguay has been providing access to the fastest fiber optic network in the country and commercializes internet television services through the Flow platform. In April 2018, Núcleo S.A. modified its bylaws to issue negotiable bonds on the stock market, leaving its shareholder composition to TELECOM ARGENTINA S.A. with 67.5% of the shares and ABC TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A. with 32.5%.